The New Dragon Management System In World Of Warcraft Has Its Own Special Talent Tree

The New Dragon Management System In World Of Warcraft Has Its Own Special Talent Tree
Credit: VERGE

You’d be lying if you stated that flight in World of Warcraft was very realistic, despite being a necessary tool. In MMORPGs, flying mounts can fly straight up or down, spin in place, hover in place, or crash without losing speed.

Dragonflight is here to serve those who want a more precise flight mechanism. In addition to having its own talent tree, the new flight method known as dragon riding mixes momentum and inertia.

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Despite the fact that the tree is only partially implemented in the alpha, we were able to gain a better understanding of it owing to the helpful staff at

Dragon riding mounts provide the same functions as standard flying mounts and standard ground mounts, with the addition of the ability to fly by pressing the space bar.

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You are unable to hover like you can with conventional flying mounts. Since you are always going, eventually, your momentum will weaken. Your mount uses energy as a resource; it has three energy to start.

Energy can be used on a variety of abilities that quicken growth or speed. Flying over hidden dragon symbols across the Dragon Isles will grant you talent points for the Dragon Riding skill.

Although the first row of talents has not yet been implemented, the miners speculate that it may be Dragonriding, which causes your dragon to advance when it points in a particular direction.

Three skills are listed in the second row: Thrill Chaser, Dynamic Stretching, and Drake and Rider Training, which improve energy output at high speeds and raise Endurance by one point each.

The third row is also unimplemented. However, it might be Ohn’ahra’s Gusts which force Jaradin to utilize Surge Forward to block missiles and gain speed.

A selection node will be located in the fourth row, most likely between Dragonrider’s Compassion, which requires you to dismount in order to benefit surrounding comrades;