Blizzard Has Revealed The Soulbindings For The Vampiric Venthyr Covenant Of World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Blizzard Has Revealed The Soulbindings For The Vampiric Venthyr Covenant Of World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands
Credit: IGN via YouTube

As World of Warcraft: Shadowlands comes closer and closer, fans are eager to get their hands on as much information as possible. With the alpha moving on, we now have all twelve possible Soulbindings revealed for the expansion.

Soulbindings will serve as one of the primary features of the Covenant system, a core element of gameplay within the Shadowlands. With four Covenants, each with three available Soulbindings, players have plenty to consider.

We’ve already discussed the Kyrian, Night Fae, and Necrolord Covenants previously. Finishing the set, we’re here to discuss the Venthyr Covenant of the gothic-inspired vampiric realm of Revendreth.

The first Soulbinding available to players is General Draven, who grants the following eight boons:

  • Anima Infusion – Earning Anima slightly repairs your armor
  • Expedition Leader – Leaving a rest area increases mount movement speed and out-of-combat regeneration for 10 minutes, refreshing when completing a World Quest
  • Built for War – When above 80% health, gain 1% increase to your primary stat, stacking 5 times. Bonus lost upon falling below half health
  • Superior Tactics – Interrupting an enemy or dispelling an ally increases your crit strike chance
  • Hold Your Grand – Standing still for 4 seconds grants increased Stamina and healing
  • Enduring Gloom – Door of Shadows grants a damage absorption shield based on your max health
  • Move as One – When nearby allies gain temporary movement speed boosts, you do as well
  • Call to Action – Activating your Venthyr class ability grants Versatility to you and nearby allies

If the warlike boosts of General Draven aren’t interesting to you, Nadjia the Mistblade offers the following:

  • Agent of Chaos – Door of Shadows disorients nearby enemies at your location
  • Fancy Footwork – Door of Shadows significantly increases your movement speed
  • Friends in Low Places – Loot 20% more Infused Rubies and access expanded selection of goods from Revendreth dredgers
  • Exacting preparation – increases benefits of Well Fed, Flasks, and weapon enchantments by 15%
  • Familiar Predicaments – Duration of incoming interrupts, snares, and roots reduced
  • Dauntless Duelist – Mark the first enemy damaged in combat as an Adversary, dealing increased damage to them and taking decreased damage from them. Only one adversary may be active at a time
  • Thrill Seeker – Gain stacks of Thrill Seeker from combat, consuming 40 stacks to increase your speed by 20%, both movement speed and combat speed

Finally, our third option is Theotar the Mad Duke, who presents an interesting bit of utility:

  • Watch the Shoes! – Door of Shadows frees the caster from roots and snares
  • Leisurely Gait – Increases cooldown of Door of Shadows, but makes it an instant cast
  • Refined Palate – Combat potions last longer, the duration depending on the potion used
  • Soothing Shade – Spells and Abilities can call Tubbins and Gubbins, creating a shaded area that grants 10% mastery
  • Token of Appreciation – Shields allies who cast healing or beneficial abilities on you
  • Life of the Party – “During the Ember Court, Guests gain additional Happiness for each event completed. When the Court concludes, the effects of any Decrees bestowed upon you are increased
  • Impeccable Style – Transmogrification is now free
  • Exquisite Ingredients – Theotar periodically sends herbs to you when completing Great Vault activities
  • A Matter of Perspective – When taking fatal damage, prevent all incoming damage for 4 seconds and heal for 50% of the amount prevented at the end of the duration.

And that’s all of the Soulbindings available in the upcoming expansion! Revendreth presents a wonderful amount of utility through Nadjia and Theotar, with Draven providing a massive boost of combat capabilities.