Gen.G Reverse Swept KT Rolster In Week One Of League Champions Korea’s Summer Split 2020

Gen.G Reverse Swept KT Rolster In Week One Of League Champions Korea’s Summer Split 2020
Credit: Image via Riot Games

Gen.G defeated KT Rolster today in an intense three-game series for week one of the League Champions Korea.

Mid laner Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong and support Kim “Kellin” Hyeong-gyu were crucial in today’s wins and received the MVP votes as a result. Bdd played Azir in the third game matching the opposing Twisted Fate roams, while Kellin played Karma in the second game and went deathless, being the support his team needed.

KT fielded in Kuro and Smeb who’ve reunited after a 1,336 day separation. They previously played together under ROX Tigers at the World Championship in 2016. But despite the break, the pair played well today. Even though they were close to tasting the victory, however, Gen.G emerged victorious in the end.

The first game went in favor of KT, securing early dragons and putting a lot of pressure on the Gen.G roster. After securing the Mountain Dragon Soul the team became unstoppable and pushed into Gen.G’s base. Even though Aphelios from Gen.G tried to defend their base towards the end, his power was unmatched against Ezreal’s.

The second game was quite even in the early game, but Gen.G secured some early advantages which translated go a huge gold lead as the game went by. KT tried to secure the Baron to come back into the game, but failed in the end.

Gen.G were swift in their shot-calling, closing out the KT members in the Baron pit and chasing down the remaining members who escaped.

In the third game the stakes were huge. KT had a chance to prove that they are indeed a top-tier team, while Gen.G needed to defend their pride and honor.

The early game kills were in favor of KT, but Gen.G did not falter and traded their lives to secure the early dragons. Once they reached the Ocean Dragon Soul, the game was pretty much over since KT did not have enough damage to deal with the Gen.G carries.

Even though KT had an early gold lead, the lack of the Dragon Soul coupled with the Baron and Elder Dragon proved to be a huge task and stopped KT from winning the third game.

Gen.G had a great Spring Split, ending with 14 series wins and 4 losses. They have dominated their competition with one exception: T1, who managed to beat them in both clashes this season. While their Summer Split start is not as dominant, it could be influenced by the recent meta shifts which happened in League of Legends.