After Small Delay Rock of Ages 3: Make And Break Rolls Out On July 21

After Small Delay Rock of Ages 3: Make And Break Rolls Out On July 21
Credit: Rock of Ages 3 via Steam

After a small delay, publisher Modus Games and developers ACE Team and Giant Monkey Robot have announced the new release date for Rock of Ages 3: Make and Break.

The game has been delayed for seven weeks due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The development of the game has taken longer than expected because of changing guidelines in different countries. The developers have used this time to ensure the final release meets the expectations for fans of the game.

Rock of Ages 3: Make and Break combines tower defense style gameplay with arcade-paced demolition with a giant, guidable boulder.

The game recreates moments from history with a humorous twist. Known figures from history and even some mystical creatures, such as Caesar and Moctezuma to Krampus and the Flying Spaghetti Monster, make an appearance in the game.

Players can either play along or destroy opponents’ worlds in four-player online multiplayer or two-player split-screen.

In the game, players use a giant boulder to smash through everything as fast as possible in six different game modes. There are over 20 types of boulders to unlock.

Rock of Ages 3: Make and Break introduces the series first-ever stage creator. After creating a new level, players can upload and share their new levels plus download levels from other members of the community.

There are several game modes to enjoy from Boulder Avalanche, Humpty-Dumpty mode where the boulder becomes fragile, Time Trails, or create a new gameplay mode in the creator.

The Rock of Ages 3 team went into further detail about each mode in a news post on Steam. Instead of a boulder, players will control a giant cheese wheel in “Cheese Wheel” mode, which is faster and has better stability than a spherical bolder.

In Giant Meatball mode, the meatball gets bigger when it takes more damage, but it also deals more damage according to its size. Snow Boulder mode is the opposite and grows smaller as time goes by. While it becomes smaller, it can take more hits than other boulders.

In one of the more unusual game modes, Sheep Boulder is a giant blob of sheep that is so light it can fly through the air. In the gif posted on Steam, there is a lion running on top of the ball of wool as it flies through the air.

Players can add Rock of Ages 3: Make and Break to their wishlists now. The game will have a digital and physical release, which are accessible on the official website. The Rock of Ages 3 list of retailers has not all been updated. Even though some retailers, such as Amazon, have listed a release date of June 3, the new official release date is still planned for June.

Rock of Ages 3: Make and Break is scheduled to launch on July 21 for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia.