The Open Beta For Rock Of Ages 3 Starts Next Week

The Open Beta For Rock Of Ages 3 Starts Next Week
Credit: ACE Team via YouTube

Rock of Ages 3 is a unique tower defense game where players manipulate large boulders across zany levels that you just have to see to believe. The people at Ace Team have done a good job with the series thus far, showcasing fun mechanics and noteworthy humor.

If you have any experience with the first two installments, you know just how unique and fun these games are to play. The third game is currently scheduled to release July 21, but before that, Rock of Ages 3 is getting an open beta next week. To sign up, all you have to do is visit Modus Games’ official website.

What’s particularly unique about this latest installment is the developer is putting in an editor system that allows you to customize your own levels. The amount of obstacles and traps you can put in each level is pretty much limitless.

After you’re done creating, you can upload the custom level to the community where other players can take it for a spin. It’s an ingenious way of enhancing this game’s social aspect. Seeing what the community can come up with sounds like an amazing experience in and of itself.

The editor has user-friendly controls and there are even guides to help players constructing their very first level.

Even though the game has tower defense elements, it also has an arcade feel that elevates the fun for players. You can compete with up to four others online, seeing who can build up their defenses effectively and race their boulders across the finish line the fastest.

Or if you’re looking for something a little more personal, you can enjoy head-to-head action via split-screen. There are also a ton of modes to keep the gameplay variety fresh.

Like previous installments, Rock of Ages 3 has a lot of humor. There are all kinds of iconic characters and historical figures that show up from time to time. You can tell Ace Team knows their audience well and always comes through with the hammy lines.

You can experience a good portion of the game next week as long as you sign up for the open beta. You’ll be able to experience select levels and the editor system, which seems like one of the more noteworthy aspects already.

Ace Team can then take the feedback they get and make the necessary improvements leading up to the official release. It’s an exciting time if you enjoy some boulder smashing.