Rock Of Ages III: Make & Break Announced Upcoming Closed Alpha That You Can Sign Up For

Rock Of Ages III: Make & Break Announced Upcoming Closed Alpha That You Can Sign Up For
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

It’s a bizarre mash-up between tower defense and strategy, with a heaping spoon of outlandish Monty Python styled humor; Rock of Ages III: Make & Break is inching ever-closer to their ambiguously stated release-date of ‘Early 2020’, and are ready to crack open the doors on a closed alpha that people can sign up for on their website and roll the dice for a chance of getting access to it.

As the title may infer, this is going to be the third iteration of the franchise that tends to marry historical figures, mythology, and zany arcade-like action as players control a boulder running down a hill attempting to break open the gates housing the enemy leader.  While you’re building boulders, you also need to set up defenses in your lane; damaging the enemy boulder can severely mitigate the incoming damage as they attempt to bring their boulder down to crush your leader.

It’s fast, humorous, and fantastic to play with friends.  Rock of Ages III: Make & Break will also see the franchises first level editor, which will massively increase replayability as the community will be able to craft their own perilous levels that will all end with a satisfying splat.

From preview videos, fans can see that the level editor current appears robust, allowing players to craft as many wild turns, steep declines, and absurd jumps that can bring creators to the limelight within the community.

Developers ACE Team has also announced that the title will make use of Steam’s recently announced Remote Play Together, meaning you can play Rock of Ages III with your friends even if they don’t have the title themselves.

Beyond these features, and the return of new arcade minigames that tweak the rules, it appears to be more Rock of Ages as its known.  It doesn’t appear currently to be reimagining the series, or bringing new mechanics that will reinvigorate interest to those that are already burned-out on the franchise.

The decision to have a closed alpha testing could be an interesting one;  other titles have been burned by closed alpha as gameplay simply isn’t what many were hoping for, as is the case in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlords, where the closed beta killed hype for many.

If you’re a fan of the goofy humor and skeeball-esque gameplay, however, there’s very little reason not to hop over to ACE Team’s website and put yourself on the list for the closed alpha, and discover for yourself if an old dog can learn any new tricks.