Just Cause 4 Is Now Free On The Epic Games Store For A Couple Of More Days

Just Cause 4 Is Now Free On The Epic Games Store For A Couple Of More Days
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

The hits just keep coming for the Epic Games Store. That’s one constant in this world of chaos. This PC platform always offers great titles at no charge. The latest batch includes some gems and one them includes Just Cause 4, the over-the-top action game from Avalanche Studios.

All you have to do is head on over to the platform right now and click on the download link. It will be free for a couple of more days. If you enjoy action and have followed the Just Cause franchise since the beginning, it’s worthy of your time.

The game follows Rico Rodriguez around an open world called Solis. He’s in search of discovering his own past and upon doing so, he’ll run into some shady characters. If you want action all the way through, then Just Cause 4 has a lot to offer.

The developer has given you limitless possibilities in terms of the vehicles you can control. You can take down other planes in a well-equipped helicopter or hit the roads on a sports bike. There are no limits to what you can drive, and surprisingly, each vehicle has a different system you’ll have to master.

Adding to the chaos are the weather events. There are spiraling tornadoes and monstrous hurricanes that will affect your in-game experiences. These events are the perfect example of why people love the Just Cause series. It’s bold and it doesn’t let you forgot this each time an installment comes out.

There are even different ways you can move around this open world when outside of vehicles, such as a wingsuit. It definitely is one of the best aspects of the game. After reaching great heights, you can strap on this suit and jump into the clouds like a flying squirrel. It’s like you’re superman not bound by the laws of physics.

The cinematic sequences are also great. They will keep you entertained as you watch Rico Rodriguez’s story unfold. The twists and turns make it feel like you’re watching a big-budget blockbuster movie. Rico is a likable character that you’ll enjoy using to pull off insane moves that truly are out of this world.

Oh, and there are so many opportunities to blow stuff up. That includes buildings, vehicles, roads, and enemies that get in your way. In terms of just pure action, you would be hard-pressed to find a more well-rounded experience. You can still pick it up until April 23.