World Of Warcraft Classic Gay Boys Guild Changed To Gibberish Name, Members React

World Of Warcraft Classic Gay Boys Guild Changed To Gibberish Name, Members React
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

A World of Warcraft Classic guild’s name has been changed as a punishment. This happened after many other users reported the account.

“Gay Boys” was changed to the computer-generated tag “Guild ZFXPK on Wednesday. Blizzard Customer Service came up with such a decision because the name was allegedly “inappropriate.” This was according to the reports of the guild’s fellow players.

The change was reportedly an automated action. This takes place whenever a username is reported for a lot of times due to similar reasons. Following this action of the game developer, the group’s members are said to be planning to stage an online protest.

The World of Warcraft Classic has noted several points in its set of guidelines. One of these is the strict rule stipulated for User Content. It states that defamatory, obscene, inappropriate, and abusive content will never be tolerated. As such, Blizzard has the discretion to remove it from the platform.

This appeared to be the situation of the “Gay Boys” guild. With the numerous reports, the name must have been tagged as a violation of the End User License Agreement. Here’s a video of the game’s 15 years journey.

The scenario could be sad for the guild’s members, especially that they do not see anything wrong with their name. One of the World of Warcraft Classic guild members, Ahmil Jilani, released a statement. According to him, defining their name as “inappropriate” is already discriminatory in itself.

Ars Technica got good news, though, at the end of this week. Based on what it has gathered, the name “Gay Boys” has been reinstated finally.

This development could have already suspended the supposed protest. Nevertheless, should other members make the same move, history could happen again. And the cycle is expected to continue.

On the other hand, World of Warcraft Classic fans have something to look forward to on October 15.

The game’s director, Ion Hazzikostas, shared last Monday that the Dire Maul is already on its way. This high-level dungeon would offer a lot of loots to enjoy.

Players can expect more enemies with the arrival of the Dire Maul. Therefore, the available items in the loots could be of help.

The WoW Classic server option was launched last Aug. 26 to bring back the “classic” feel of the game. It allows gamers to experience a recreated version of the title’s original state.

As a classic rendition of the popular Blizzard title, players are taken into a journey in Azeroth. And this is where the excitement takes off.

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