Minecraft Bedrock Edition Update 1.6.20 Is Crashing Minecraft And Is Even Causing Other Games To Malfunction

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Update 1.6.20 Is Crashing Minecraft And Is Even Causing Other Games To Malfunction
Credit: Nintendo Wire

Minecraft is a very popular game which has grown from 126 million monthly players to close to 132 million monthly players is such a short time, in part thanks to the quarantine and pandemic that we are currently experiencing!

Part of this popularity is split up between the Bedrock edition and the Java edition, and The Bedrock edition is available on a variety of devices including the Nintendo Switch, Mobile Phones, Consoles and even personal computers.

The Nintendo Switch has the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft which one way to play Minecraft in a mobile platform. The current update of Minecraft, 1.6.20, which offers adjustments and fixes to the game, like adding the Piglin Brute to the game.

Nintendo Switch players have been reporting that this update has been causing significant problems on the Switch. These reports state the game is prone to freezing or crashing at critical intervals, some of these intervals include loading up a world or trying to access a Realm after having paused the game or after popping out the home menu.

That alone is a significant issue for many players, and the problem seems to be spreading to the other games in the Switch. After experiencing a Minecraft crash, some players have also reported that sometimes unable to load any other games without also crashing as well.

At the time of writing, the only way to fix this issue is to fully reboot the Switch console which will allow users to load the games that they want with ease. Since this problem is so prevalent, Mojang Studios even created a pop-up warning in-game that gives further details the freezing for Switch users.

If players don’t wish to restart the console every time this issue occurs then Mojang Studios suggests signing out of your Microsoft account may prevent the problem.

While Signed out players can still play in single-player and split-screen, they will be completely unable to access Realms, the Marketplace or even Partnered Servers, which severely limits parts of the game they can access.

The update, 1.6.20, that has been causing these crashes was released on August 11th and with no word from Mojang Studios on when there will be a fix, means that most players will have to deal and try to prevent the issue whenever it occurs.