Minecraft Bedrock Edition Beta Gets A New Mob: The Piglin Brute, A Stronger Version Of the Piglin

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Beta Gets A New Mob: The Piglin Brute, A Stronger Version Of the Piglin
Credit: Mojang Studios

Minecraft Bedrock edition just got the Nether update that featured a lot of changes to the Nether Dimension, including adding new structures and adding new mobs.

One of these added mobs is called the Piglins, which are obsessed with gold and are hostile to the player unless the player is wearing a piece of gold armor. Players can even barter with the Piglins to get the needed materials to make a Respawn Anchor.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Beta now features a different version of the Piglins, called the Piglin Brutes, which are a stronger version of the Piglin that live in bastion remnants and protect the treasures located in those remnants.

The Piglin Brute does feature a slightly different design to the original Piglin, as the brutes have a scar on their eye and black clothing that features gold armor on its left side.

The Piglin Brutes also feature different behaviors when compared to the original Piglins as the Piglin Brutes cannot be distracted by gold, and while some blocks can drive Piglins way from the player. Piglin Brutes aren’t afraid of anything and will charge towards the player brandishing their ax.

While the original Piglins can be equipped with either a golden sword or a crossbow, the Piglin Brutes only ever spawn with a golden ax as their weapon.

The health of the Piglin Brutes stays constant no matter the difficulty, and this mob has a substantial amount of health. The Piglin Brutes have a total of twenty-five hearts, making any fight with this mob take a substantial amount of time and effort.

The Piglin Brute’s attack changes depending on the difficulty. On Easy difficulty, the Pigilin Brutes attack does six health points or three full hearts of damage while on Minecraft’s Normal difficulty, the Pigilin Brutes attack does an astonishingly ten health points or five full hearts of damage.

On Minecraft’s Hard difficulty, the Pigilin Brutes attack does a total of seven and a half hearts of damage, making the Piglin Brutes an enemy to avoid if the difficulty is above easy.

One interesting fact about the Piglin Brutes is that unlike the original Piglin, who do a victory dance after a successful hunt, the Brute version doesn’t do a victory dance and they don’t attack adult Hoglins.

Mojang Studios has stated that the Piglin Brute will make its way to the Minecraft Java edition, but the Minecraft Bedrock Edition Beta users get to enjoy this mob, first.