Fall Guys Is Getting Anti-Cheat Systems In Next Big Update

Fall Guys Is Getting Anti-Cheat Systems In Next Big Update
Credit: Devolver via YouTube

Fall Guys saw a meteoric rise after debuting last month. It’s still gaining momentum and keeping the gaming community buzzing.

Whether you like competing with others or just some fun physics, Fall Guys has it all. It came out of left field, but certainly looks like it will have some mainstay.

That is particularly true if the developer Mediatonic can deal with the rampant cheating activity that has plagued this game since launch.

They’ve acknowledged the issue and are hard at work trying to find a solution that gives players optimal experiences most of the time they join a match with others. Some news just broke about their anti-cheating efforts actually.

According to a Tweet on the official Fall Guys page, the developer is planning to unroll a big update that addresses cheating. The system will be similar to what Fortnite uses. This battle royale has also been hit with heavy cheating ever since its beginning.

Popular games that have multiplayer are always targets for those looking to game the system, but at least the developer of Fall Guys doesn’t plan on sitting back and letting their fans have interrupted experiences.

They want the matches to be fair and play out based on whoever has the best skills and luck. Cheating gets in the way of that and it has been particularly bad in Fall Guys.

Of course, even with this new system in place, cheating could still be present. Hopefully, though, it will be kept to a minimum so that fans looking for a genuine experience don’t have to back out and join another match.

In the meantime, fans will just have to overlook the cheating activity in favor of the amazing aspects that Fall Guys nails perfectly. It’s hard to find fault with the sheer joy of competing in different events, trying to come out on top. The odds are certainly stacked against you, but every now and then, lady luck sends some help your way.

Fall Guys also has a family-friendly formula that’s great for all audiences. Every once and a while, you just want to have a party-like experience where everyone can compete and not take themselves too seriously.

Fall Guys provides this experience in spades and it has the potential to be even better with cheating taken out of the equation. Will it be gone completely? Probably not, but anything is better than how Fall Guys currently plays in terms of the cheating department.