Adios Is A First-Person Narrative Game About A Pig Farmer That Works For The Mob

Adios Is A First-Person Narrative Game About A Pig Farmer That Works For The Mob
Credit: GameSpot Trailers via YouTube

If you’re looking for a unique first-person experience about the mob, then get ready for Adios. Rather than putting you in the role of a contract killer set on doing anything it takes for a huge score, you’re instead a pig farmer. That’s right.

So how might a pig farmer be related to the mob? Well, these shady organizations have to get rid of their bodies one way or another. Pigs have a ferocious appetite when left without food for a couple of days and you’ll use them to do the mob’s dirty work.

Adios has a new trailer out now that highlights the unique story and narrative experience. We see some of the environments around the pig farmer’s establishment. He’s got quite the setup.

Visually, Adios is pretty captivating. The 3D environments are full of detail. There’s a lot of mystery that you know will be fleshed out later on in the story. The pig farmer has a simple life, but he’s tormented with guilt about his chosen career path.

One day when your hitman friend and his companion show up on your property to get rid of another body, you stand up to these two gentleman. The story then kicks into gear. Your old pal will do everything possible to get you to rethink your decision.

You see, once you start working for the mob, there’s really only one way out and that’s not alive. Faced with your difficult decision, you’ll complete chores around the farm and continue engaging in meaningful dialogue with the hitman who’s got no choice but to carry out orders from the powers that be.

It’s an unfortunate situation that gives Adios added intrigue. It’s not a game with complex gameplay or gripping RPG elements. Rather, it highlights an interesting relationship and story of a pig farmer that wants to right his wrongs.

As you get further into the story, you’ll learn more about this farmer from Kansas and get engaged with the tough choices he’s now forced to make. The cinematic experience looks like something you’d typically see in a movie. The rural Kansas area is soaked in atmosphere and the story is sure to have a few twists along the way.

Just be careful. How you respond in Adios could be the difference in living and, well, you know. This narrative experience doesn’t have a release date just yet, but that should change in the coming months.