Minecraft Mobs Explored: The Wandering Trader, A Villager Without A Village!

Minecraft Mobs Explored: The Wandering Trader, A Villager Without A Village!
Credit: SB737 Via YouTube

Minecraft has been updated numerous times ranging from small bug fixed updates to more extensive updates, which may radically change up to a whole dimension in Minecraft.

One example of these more substantial updates is the most recent Nether Update, which radically changed a very underused dimension. This update changes everything from the Zombie Pigman into Zombie Piglins, which are similar creatures, and this update also added the only way to spawn inside the Nether using the newly added Respawn Anchor.

The Respawn Anchor is a device that Minecraft players can craft and utilize to respawn within the Nether instead of respawning in the Overworld.

The Wandering Trader is a mob that is in both the Java Edition and the Bedrock Edition and acts similarly in both editions. The Wandering Trader easily allows the player to gain and trade items, which may generally by dangerous or hard to find throughout the Minecraft world.

The spawning for the Wandering trader is significantly different from standard mobs in Minecraft. At any time, there can only be a single wandering trader, that is naturally spawned, in the loaded chunks.

This means that after 20 minutes or 24,000 ticks in-game, Minecraft will first check to see if a wandering trader is spawned in any of the loaded chunks and then if it is, Minecraft will attempt to generate the wandering trader in the unloaded chunks.

The Wandering Trader offers a total of six random trades and doesn’t unlock new trades after trading with the current trades. The Wandering Trader has leashes that are attached to llamas. For Health, the Wandering Trader has a total of twenty health points or ten hearts in total.

The behavior of the Wandering Trades

The Wandering Traders avoid Zombies and the variants, all illager options, by staying eight blocks away. At Dusk, Wandering Traders drink a potion of invisibility to avoid being attacked by the mobs that run rampant at night. In the Java edition, the Wandering Traders will drink milt to remove the invisibility.

If the player does choose to kill this passive mob, then they have a chance to get a potion of invisibility and can drop the leads that have held the trading llamas. While in the Java Edition, the Wandering Trader also offers a chance to drop a milk bucket.