The Psychological Thriller Martha Is Dead Is Coming To The Xbox Series X Next Year

The Psychological Thriller Martha Is Dead Is Coming To The Xbox Series X Next Year
Credit: IGN via YouTube

The time is almost upon us when new consoles from Microsoft and Sony get released. They’ve competed head to head for years now, with varying results. It’s pretty safe to assume that for this generation, the PS4 was the winner.

As we head into holiday season of 2020, Microsoft is hoping to take back some momentum they lost with the introduction of the Xbox Series X. Spec-wise, it has a lot going for it. You can compare it to a PC performance-wise and even visually, considering it has a vertical stance.

What could be the deciding factor — as is often the case — are the exclusives. They are what drive console sales and get fans to lean one way or another. So far, there haven’t been too many exclusive announcements for the Xbox Series X other than the upcoming Halo Infinite.

Then just recently, a psychological thriller by the name of Martha is Dead was teased in a trailer. It’s about a woman who comes to find her sister — Martha — dead by way of drowning.

As she tries to figure out the events leading up to her death, she’s plagued by nightmares, mysterious folklore, and war. It’s set in Tuscany 1944, when the Germans were deep in battle with the Allied forces.

Martha is Dead is confirmed for the Xbox Series X — along with a PC release — but there are no mentions of it coming to the PS5. So it looks like it could be one of the more interesting games Microsoft has that Sony doesn’t. It’s currently scheduled to release in 2021.

The trailer paints a very ominous scene, which is further exacerbated by the heavy fog and gripping score. You can tell right away this isn’t an ordinary drowning. Something terrible happened to Martha and as her twin sister, you’ll have to search for clues and move through creepy forests that are teeming in moody atmosphere.

It definitely has a different tone than we’re accustomed to seeing in games set during WW2. Usually, human war and conflict are enough to capture gamers’ attention — but in Martha is Dead — it seems like the developer wants to take you on an emotional journey filled with surreal elements.

The game almost draws comparisons to movies like The Grudge and The Ring, films that have a lot of mysterious lore and evil threats that are hard not to get captivated by. When Martha is Dead does release on the Xbox Series X, it could very well push units.