Fall Guys Has Already Sold 7 Million Copies On Steam, Publisher Reports

Fall Guys Has Already Sold 7 Million Copies On Steam, Publisher Reports
Credit: Devolver via YouTube

It wasn’t quite clear how successful Fall Guys would be right after launching in February, but it certainly has caught on like wildfire ever since. Gamers have flocked to it in droves, trying their hand at the unique battle royale where progression is predicated on advancing through multiple rounds.

At its very core, it’s a party game about having fun and causing mayhem whenever you can. The mini-games are diverse and the races keep you on your toes every time. Fall Guys has done particularly well on the Steam platform.

According to the game’s publisher Devolver Digital, the game has already sold 7 million copies. That’s a figure any developer should be proud to hang their hat on. It was clear very early on that Mediatonic had a hit on their hands.

The game doesn’t take itself too seriously either like a lot of battle royale titles do. It’s even a very heartwarming game due in part to its visuals and bizarre, yet equally fun physics-based mechanics.

If you’ve ever seen the hit show Wipeout, Fall Guys pretty much has that same type of vibe. You could be doing so well and timing everything perfectly and then all of a sudden get hit by an obstacle that sets you back. That doesn’t mean you’re out of the running, though.

As long as you’re not last in whatever fun and addicting competition that is being held, there’s still a chance in the next round. Between competing with friends and playing foil for heated rivals, Fall Guys manages to capture the essence of what video games should be about.

That’s having fun and making great memories along the way. Fall Guys has this in spades and it doesn’t look like its popularity is losing steam any time soon. The developer is doing their best to improve aspects that were a little lacking at launch, especially in regards to cheating.

Like any successful online multiplayer game, cheating has been very prevalent. Mediatonic has been aware of the issue and is continuing to improve gameplay so that players have fair rounds as much as possible.

Fall Guys is still in its infancy stage, but there’s no reason to think that it won’t get better with time. The developer can continue to improve upon gameplay and provide exciting new content, such as levels, round types, and player customizations. Fall Guys started off hot and it has the chance to get even better with time.