The Last Campfire Releases August 27th On The Epic Games Store

The Last Campfire Releases August 27th On The Epic Games Store
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

The Last Campfire is one of the more unique adventure games teased this year from Hello Games, the people behind No Man’s Sky. It looks like they’re set on telling a unique story that takes players on an emotional journey about meaning and the comforts of being home.

Visually, the game is teeming with personality and atmosphere. Hello Games has dialed up the color vibrancy and included a lot of beautiful details in the environments. It was teased many months ago, but in a sort of surprise announcement, it’s launching tomorrow (August 27th) on the Epic Games Store.

It’s also pegged for Steam, although there isn’t a concrete release date on this platform just yet. If you saw potential from the trailer released in June, then you should be excited for this surprise release.

One more sleep and you’ll be able to enjoy a gripping tale about a lost ember trapped in a mysterious place filled with danger. While figuring out a way back, you’ll broach bigger philosophical points that should give you new perspectives on life in general.

It also looks like a very tranquil experience that lets you interact with all sorts of characters, who have also become lost and are in search of answers. Getting home won’t be a walk in the park, though. You’ll have to watch out for perils and put your critical-thinking skills to the test when solving puzzles.

Gameplay looks to be involve platforming coupled with puzzle-solving and exploring. The world that Hello Games looks amazing, just like the environments they created in No Man’s Sky.

Although you won’t have as many open areas to explore, the adventure as this ember looks like a fun one and should present some thought-provoking questions when it’s all said and done.

Expect the developer to tug at your heart strings at some point throughout this grand adventure, particularly when it comes to learning more about the NPCs and the hardships they’ve had to endure. Even the scores featured in the trailers paint a very emotional experience.

If The Last Campfire seems worthy of your time, then the Epic Games Store is the place to be tomorrow. And as we get further into 2020, expect to hear more news about a Steam and Nintendo Switch release.

Until then, PC gamers will get first dibs on this beautiful, emotional, and tranquil adventure experience. Gamers seem very receptive to it based on early impressions, which bodes well for the developer.