Magrunner: Dark Pulse Is Still Free On Steam For A Little While Longer

Magrunner: Dark Pulse Is Still Free On Steam For A Little While Longer
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

If you like Cyberpunk-themed games and Cthulhu mythos, then you’re probably going to love Magrunner: Dark Pulse if you haven’t already played it.

It features both of these elements beautifully and right now, it can be grabbed for nothing on the Steam platform. Act fast, though. It will only be available for a little while longer.

Magrunner has a lot going for it, even still today in 2020. For starters, it’s a visually interesting game to play through. The sci-fi elements and Cthulhu imagery capture your attention from the very beginning. It definitely looks like a Frogwares game.

You’ll play as Dax, a lucky candidate that has been selected to join MagTech Corporation’s space training program. Most of your time is spent progressing through beautifully detailed and unsettling levels of the cosmos.

Dax is given a MagTech glove, which can be used to manipulate objects. They will either attract to each other or repel, depending on their colors. Interacting with these colored objects is crucial in solving puzzles and navigating throughout your surroundings.

The puzzles start off pretty simple at first, but then as you progress deeper into the game, you’ll experience greater difficulty. There are a total of 40 levels to complete, with each one being distinct and visually interesting.

If you love solving puzzles and overcoming frustrating moments at times, then Magrunner has a lot to offer. It’s also compelling to explore more of the Cthulhu mythos. There are very tense moments that really could be considered horror as opposed to adventure.

The interesting mix of horror, dark elements, and puzzle-solving makes Magrunner a very unique game to experience. The entire time, you’re captivated by the dark creatures that are lurking about.

It’s also great that the game keeps elements varied throughout your play. As you get further along in the story, new gameplay elements are introduced. These include cube, platform, and transformer. The monsters and threats also change throughout your progression, keeping yon on alert the entire time.

The game has been compared closely to Portal, only with darker themes. It’s an apt comparison and shows what sort of experience you’re in store for should you take Steam up on this free offering.

There aren’t many games like it on the marketplace currently so even if you’re not the biggest puzzle-solving fan, the horror themes are still worth checking out. They’ll raise a hair or two as you learn more about MagTech as a corporation.