Frogwares Has Put Out A New Video For The Sinking City; Highlights An Intense Investigation

Frogwares Has Put Out A New Video For The Sinking City; Highlights An Intense Investigation
Credit: steamXO

The Sinking City has received a lot of praise for its originality and mysterious tones. It revolves around a detective Charles W. Reed, who’s tasked with piecing together clues in a mysterious world. The setting revolves around the 1920s near a submerged city in Oakmont.

Wherever you travel, dark and mysterious tones surround the area. It really adds to the tension and the supernatural forces do seem chilling. Developed by Frogwares, this action-adventure/horror-survival incorporates a lot of investigative tactics. You’re ultimately searching for answers regarding what happened to the city of Oakmont.

To celebrate its official release, Frogwares just put out gameplay footage showcasing some of the investigative tactics and cases that you’ll take on.

We get a hands-on look at Charles interacting with Mr. Frogmartin. He’s a man of influence, apparently. He gives you the task of finding another influential man named Herbert. You have different responses to select based on Mr. Frogmartin’s requests, which should lead to different interactions throughout this entire game.

Charles accepts the assigned mission and then goes on his way. It’s made clear that you won’t be receiving a lot of assistance when completing tasks. Instead, you’re forced to use the clues that were given and make your own assumptions based on what you find. This design is intriguing because it should enable users to investigate however they like.

When investigating the town as Charles, you will be reliant on a map and street names. No cursors will point to where you’re supposed to go, giving you the independence to find your own path. Upon arriving at Herbert’s manor, Charles runs into a bunch of supernatural monsters.

The narrator in the video claims they have a fondness for death. Luckily, you have a large arsenal of weapons at your disposal to defeat them. You must be quick, though, as some of the enemies are pretty agile from what was shown in this recent gameplay footage. The level design of Herbert’s manor is incredible. It’s so full of detail, which is a common theme you’ll find in The Sinking City.

As you explore, you get closer to the truth of what happened to this once beautiful town. The Sinking City will be available June 27, which is right around the corner. From everything that has been shown, it looks like an intriguing title full of investigating and compelling storylines. It’s being developed for Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation.