Days Gone Is Getting Much-Needed Updates; Should Enhance Gameplay In Many Important Areas

Days Gone Is Getting Much-Needed Updates; Should Enhance Gameplay In Many Important Areas
Credit: PlayStation Europe via Flickr

Days Gone received a lot of buzz before its official launch back on April 26. It was pegged as being an amazing open-world zombie game where you have the chance to fight off zombie hordes. In theory, this sounds like an amazing time.

You even get to ride on a classic motorcycle that’s fully equipped to get you out of sticky situations with other humans and zombies. Unfortunately, Days Gone has had several glaring issues out of the gate. They have affected gameplay for a lot of users, particularly in terms of the audio. There are instances where the sound cuts out completely when riding around.

It’s a bug that takes you out of the moment and really hinders your attachment to whatever mission you’re currently on. There have been performance issues as well, with less than intelligent AI being more hilarious than challenging.

Several videos have released online showing human enemies casually walking up to your character. After Deacon takes one out, another follows suit and suffers the same fate. It’s apparent that this is a glitch.

Every game like Days Gone is expected to have bugs at launch, however. How the developers handle them going forward is what really matters, though. It appears SIE Bend Studio is dedicated to making the game better, even if it means exhausting whatever resources they can at the moment.

A recent patch was just put out, which should take care of most of the audio issues. There are three patches in particular that users can now download, including patch 1.05, 1.06, and 1.07. After running them, you shouldn’t have any issues with dropped audio. This should keep you more immersed in the amazing open world that Days Gone shows off. This is one of its major highlights.

Going from settlement to settlement is great on a motorcycle, and there’s always tension as the horde can come out of nowhere. SIE Bend Studios really perfected the environments in this game. Other issues these updates will reportedly fix include streaming complications, auto-save functionality, and character AI.

These improvements should make Days Gone a better gaming experience that’s worthy of your time. Additionally, new DLC content will be available in June.

It’s nice to see the developers listen to the community and make adjustments where necessary. These efforts should help with their sales and show detractors that Days Gone is a great zombie game. At its core, this game is really fun to play, featuring a compelling protagonist in Deacon.