Portal: Still Alive Is Now FREE Via Games With Gold On Xbox One

Portal: Still Alive Is Now FREE Via Games With Gold On Xbox One
Credit: Valve Co. via YouTube

Download Portal: Still Alive, the original port of the first Portal game to Xbox 360, now available on your Xbox One through Games with Gold. At a usual retail price of $14.99, the game is now available to download free if you have a Gold membership.

Valve’s Portal is the most iconic platform-puzzler of all time, and the first Portal is often cited as one of the best video games ever made. Its humorous story, complex puzzle elements, and the unique universe which provided the bizarre backdrop, captured the hearts and minds of gamers. Here was an experience that matched Half-Life. If you’ve never played the original Portal, what are you waiting for? It’s free to download right now.

What is Portal: Still Alive? Is it any different from the original Portal? Still Alive was released on X360 in 2008, one year after the first Portal game hit Steam in 2007. Both Still Alive and Portal are the same games in terms of storyline and gameplay. The only difference is that Still Alive added 14 new test chambers and 9 new achievements. Those 14 new puzzles came from the map pack Portal: The Flash Version developed by We Create Stuff, with no additional story elements. Still Alive never made it back to PC. There is an unofficial mod which allows you to play those extra levels, though.

Originally, you could get your hands on the original Portal game through The Orange Box package which included five games from Valve, such as Team Fortress 2 and Half-Life 2. The Orange Box has been available on XBX1 with backward compatibility since 2016. If you already own the collection for Xbox 360, you can play it on your newer console. It’s still available on the 360 game marketplace. However, if you never picked up The Orange Box over a decade ago, just download Portal: Still Alive for free using GwG while you have the chance.

Other free Games with Gold in June 2019 include NHL 19, a solid sports game which deserves a spot in your library if you’re a hockey fan; Rivals of Aether, a fun platformer fighting game for those who haven’t invested in a Switch, and Earth Defense Force 2017, a relatively unheard of third-person shooter which has a decent Metacritic score of 70%. Not the most stellar of showings for Microsoft’s June free games, but you do get to play Portal for free.