Cthulhu Finally Comes To SMITE, As Long-Awaited Squid God Gets An Official Teaser Trailer

Cthulhu Finally Comes To SMITE, As Long-Awaited Squid God Gets An Official Teaser Trailer
Credit: Titan Forge via YouTube

At long last, the tentacled behemoth and Lovecraftian beast Cthulhu is arriving in SMITE. The Moba keeps plodding on the background, steadily adding to its pantheon of gods to play, and now you can play as the epic squid god itself.

Cthulhu is set to arrive sometime in mid-June, although the date has been kept a tightly guarded secret and likely to change, considering the strange times we live in. Hi-Rez, the studio behind Titan Forge’s SMITE, has also set a date for a Cthulu Livestream and press release on May 27th.

As you can see from the trailer, SMITE’s cinematic team are back at it again with an excellent trailer. They’ve worked wonders bringing the character to life, tentacles and all.

The trailer shows off two great gods – Cthulu and Zeus – at a stalemate. It’ll be interesting to see the interactions between Cthulu and the other gods in-game, especially when it comes down to see his abilities.

Titan Forge has gone for a few very distinct themes in a post on the official PlayStation Blog and run with them, labelling them the Monstrous appearance of Cthulu, the madness-inducing spectacle of the great tentacled god, and the creature’s nihilistic personality.

SMITE’s Cthulhu abilities are also interesting, such as driving other god’s mad with a whole new range of effects and visuals to accompany the ability. Madness stacks on enemy gods, eventually giving Cthulhu a buff when he attacks them.

Cthulhu is also apparently very large, and true-to-scale within the confines of the SMITE playable space. This is pushed to the very limit during his ultimate ability, which turns him into the largest god ever playable in SMITE.

His skill set and size put him in the Guardian class, and apparently he will excel in Solo and in Duo lanes. Evil does usually mean aggressive. Cthulhu can mitigate a lot of incoming damage while also locking down enemy gods, dealing sustained damage to them with his madness buffs and debuffs.

Keep your eyes open for Cthulhu arriving in SMITE – more info will be released later this month, and you can always check the Hi-Rez/Titan Forge stream on the 27th for a more detailed look at the in-game character model, abilities, and personality.