Detroit: Become Human Has Just Appeared On The Steam Store And Has A Release Date

Detroit: Become Human Has Just Appeared On The Steam Store And Has A Release Date
Credit: Quantic Dream via YouTube

One of the better exclusives to debut on the PS4 has to be Detroit: Become Human by Quantic Dream. It received a ton of buzz when it first released in 2018, featuring a narrative-based design with gripping storylines for three distinct characters.

The game was then offered on the Epic Games Store as an exclusive. That gave PC gamers the chance to experience its amazing graphics, great score, and intriguing decision trees. Like many Epic Games Store exclusives, this exclusive offering is about to end.

It will then be available on the Steam platform. Just recently, Detroit: Become Human received its own Steam page. There currently is a June 18 release date too for the futuristic narrative game.

That’s a little under a month away for those interested in checking it out on this platform. Those that do will have the chance to unlock Steam achievements.

It’s always comforting to see great games like this move on to other platforms. It lets other gamers on different platforms see what they’ve missed and join in on the fun.

Detroit: Become Human is definitely one of the best games of its kind. It just gets so many things right, from the amazing cast of characters that are voice-acted brilliantly to the stunning visuals.

Where this game tops most of its peers, though, is the choice system. Whether you’re Markus, Kara, or Connor, you’re bound to make some tough decisions in a world where Androids are trying to find their place within a human society.

Even small decisions like deciding which criminal to pursue or which character to give help to can drastically alter the course of the game’s overarching story for each android.

After the different scenarios play out, you actually get to see your choices next to other paths you could have gone down. Thus, Detroit: Become Human has endless possibilities in terms of plot points.

The design also makes you want to replay different scenarios to see how they could have been different. Whatever you decide, there is always drama that keeps you glued to the screen.

There aren’t a lot of games that will move you the way this game does. Even if you’re not a fan of narrative-based games as they may lack action, there is so much to love with Detroit: Become Human.

Thankfully, it’s coming to Steam here in just a couple of weeks. A new wave of PC gamers can experience its emotionally-charged story and thought-provoking ideas for the first time.