The Third-Person Shooter Outriders Will Receive Monthly Livestreams, Starting May 28

The Third-Person Shooter Outriders Will Receive Monthly Livestreams, Starting May 28
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Outriders is a promising third-person shooter from the talented developers at People Can Fly. It’s going for a lot of interesting sci-fi themes that instantly give it a unique feel compared to other shooters in this space.

It’s currently set to release later this year, probably around holiday season if all things go according to plan on the development side of things. But before that time, the game will receive monthly livestreams in the absence of this year’s E3 according to reports.

These streams are being called Outriders Broadcasts and the first one is actually coming up this week (May 28). So what can interested onlookers expect to see with the first and subsequent streams?

Well, it’s pretty safe to assume that fans will get to see more gameplay. Extended clips have already surfaced a couple of months ago, featuring fast-paced action and super-hero powers.

Many in the gaming community are likening the game to the Destiny series, which definitely makes sense in a lot of departments. Still, Outriders has its own flare that is showing a lot of potential in terms of online co-op experiences.

It’s also a safe bet that the different character classes will be broken down in greater detail during these streams. That seems like an important part of this game overall.

Players can choose a specific class based on the type of playstyle they want to adopt. Learning about the different skills and attributes of each will surely get the community excited about what’s to come in Outriders.

Hopefully more of Enoch — the game’s main setting — is shown too. On paper, it sounds like an interesting planet full of mysteries and dark secrets. Any time a game’s setting has a unique personality of its own, that always bodes well for a great title.

Either way, it will be great to see more of Outriders’ potential. The developer seems to know exactly what direction they want to take it and they won’t let anything stop them from coming through with a memorable experience.

There are a lot of online co-op games currently on the marketplace, but Outriders has the potential to stand out and gain a lot of buzz early on.

Only a couple of more days before fans get another peak behind the curtain of what People Can Fly have been working so hard on. It’s a very exciting time for this project and the people behind it.