Outriders Now Has A New Trailer That Shows Off The Planet Of Enoch In Greater Detail

Outriders Now Has A New Trailer That Shows Off The Planet Of Enoch In Greater Detail
Credit: PlayscopeTrailers via YouTube

One of the most anticipated games for 2020 right now has to be Outriders. It’s shaping up to be quite the co-op RPG experience. If you enjoy gaming with friends and leveling up your character, then Outriders has a lot to offer you right out of the gate. Based on early impressions from demos and trailers, people are loving what People Can Fly have done early on.

This is particularly true in regards to the game’s environments. The setting in Outriders is a planet called Enoch. It’s a pretty rugged world teaming with all sorts of hostile threats. Thanks to a new trailer, we now have even more visuals to break down on this beautiful and open-ended planet.

What stands out immediately is the diversity of the various sections. Some are littered with lush plants and tall trees and others are more rugged with desert themes. People Can Fly really took their time giving this game an inviting world that begs to be discovered.

The environments start out pretty traditional with an abundance of life painting a peaceful experience. Then towards the end, we see a little bit more of the elemental aspects of Enoch. Things are not what they seem. You can almost sense a darker presence that’s remaining hidden for the time being.

You could only bet that as you get deeper into this game, you’ll discover some dark secrets that await on Enoch. People Can Fly seem to emphasize the dual nature of this planet. On one hand, it’s a beautiful planet that has an almost ancient and prehistoric vibe to it. On the other, there appears to be a lot of perils that your character will have to face on a regular basis. The duality is an interesting design choice that gives Outriders a unique visual personality. It’s like Enoch is a living, breathing organism.

These environments are showing a lot of promise for this RPG. Now, the developer just has to deliver a finished project. Outriders is currently scheduled to release this September. The demo that select members in the gaming community have played shows a lot of potential. People Can Fly now just need to really take their time with the finishing touches. The beta and community feedback should help in that regard.

If there was ever a co-op experience that has your interests peaked in 2020, it should be Outriders. Let’s see if it can live up to the hype.