Gameplay Of Fallout 76’s Wastelanders Update Was Just Shown At PAX East By Bethesda

Gameplay Of Fallout 76’s Wastelanders Update Was Just Shown At PAX East By Bethesda
Credit: GamersPrey via YouTube

If you played Fallout 76 at launch or any time since then, you probably noticed how empty the game feels. For the first time ever, this iconic series excluded NPCs from the game. Rather, Bethesda wanted to focus more on online multiplayer, where players would engage in conversations with their friends and strangers.

It thus came as no surprise that Fallout 76 was received with mixed reviews. Not having NPCs to interact with can make the game feel like a lonely experience. That is particularly true if you’re like many who want to go at video games alone. Fortunately, Bethesda has pivoted with their Wastelanders update. It’s bringing NPCs to the game at long last.

Currently, the update is set to release this April. But before then, Bethesda has taken the time to show off actual gameplay of the update at this year’s PAX East. So if you’re wondering how different Fallout 76 will be post-Wastelanders update, it definitely is a video worth checking out.

The gameplay trailer starts out with some human interaction right away. Alas, there are actually humans that you can engage in meaningful conversation with. That has always been a strength that Bethesda has relied on for years now. Their games always make you explore and seek out NPCs to learn more about their backstories. It’s great to see that design being brought back here in Fallout 76.

The dialogue trees shown in the first few minutes already seem in-depth. They should help provide more details on the situation currently going on, as well as give you motivation to help various NPCs in this game. Before, you were simply scrambling around these West Virginia lands without a care in the world. Now, you can enjoy some character development and emotion.

The narrators in the trailer also mention there will be a lot of quest-specific characters. They’ve been incorporated all throughout the wasteland. So no matter where you’re traveling to, a meaningful quest could be on the horizon. That should make exploring Fallout 76 a much more interactive and memorable experience.

All in all, the gameplay shows a much more promising state of Fallout 76 compared to when it launched. Sure, it was a strange choice for Bethesda to drastically switch up formulas like they did, but they’re trying to right their wrongs. If you’ve held out on purchasing this multiplayer RPG, the Wastelanders update could be enough to bring you back to this beloved series.