No Man’s Sky Has Even More ‘Ambitious’ Updates Coming This Year According To Developers

No Man’s Sky Has Even More ‘Ambitious’ Updates Coming This Year According To Developers
Credit: BagoGames via Flickr (license)

No Man’s Sky is a difficult title to decipher, and your translation of the story of the title that overpromised and underdelivered is likely based somewhere around your general willingness to forgive. From Sean Murray excitedly responding to interviews about No Man’s Sky that promised almost everything, to the release of a widely pre-ordered game that had hundreds of thousands of players outraged, to where we are today: receiving consistent updates that continue to bring a great amount of content readily available in the title.

For some, No Man’s Sky is a game that simply isn’t permitted any consideration, and to a larger extent, the developers at Hello Games themselves.  ‘Fool me once’ as the saying goes, and the developers have proven to be untrustworthy based entirely on the studios’ actions.

For others, the game had a horrific start that should give pause to purchasing titles from the developer in the future. No Man’s Sky as it stands today, however, isn’t necessarily worthy of its bad reputation that it continues to carry on its shoulders.

And then we have the die-hard fanatics that every developer of an overly-hyped title will ultimately end up with, where Hello Games has done no wrong.

Regardless of which category you fall in, there’s something that none of the users can ultimately deny: No Man’s Sky, as it currently stands, is finally to the point where the majority of promises made regarding what was in the original game has been patched in by the development studio Hello Games.

Further, Hello Games is continuing to add heaps of content onto No Man’s Sky that far exceeds what was supposed to be in the original title.

That pattern seems set to continue as Hello Games made a blog post early this morning, stating that they’re rather excited about some ambitious undertakings that should bear fruit this year as No Man’s Sky continues to receive content updates that will be added to the overall universe. What, precisely, these plans are is as of yet unstated by Hello Games, or the developers working within.

Yet the title has received ten updates already, barring hotfixes and content patches that bring mechanics to work as they are supposed to, and each additional update brought a veritable slew of content for players to rip apart. If the past ten updates are any indication of what Hello Games could possibly be cooking up, 2020 might be an impeccable year for the beleaguered title. In any case, Hello Games seems to have learned their lesson: they aren’t saying anything until it’s ready to go.