Twitter Gaming Announces Insights On Gaming In The Past Six Months

Twitter Gaming Announces Insights On Gaming In The Past Six Months
Credit: Twitter Support Account

With COVID-19 forcing businesses to close and keeping people at home, many have taken to online activities to keep busy and connected. The social media platform Twitter has been busier than ever, reporting over one billion tweets in the first six months of 2020. People on the platform have been busy sharing what they’ve been doing, or not doing, while at home.

Twitter Gaming, which covers gaming content on the platform, recently rolled out its insight report on the state of gaming and esports on the platform from January to June. The blog post covers a variety of topics, from what countries are discussing the subject to what games are being covered the most.

The first topic the blog post covers is who is talking the most about gaming on Twitter. Japan ranks number one in gaming-relating discussion, with the United States right behind at number two.

Twitter Topics launched in November 2019, which allowed everyone to follow their favorite subjects. Twitter also suggests topics that a user may be interested in following. The top gaming-related topic was “Gaming” with “esports” in the second spot. The most followed game topic was Animal Crossing, which recently debuted the latest installment of the series in March 2020. The next popular topic was Call of Duty.

Twiter than listed which games and esports companies were discussed the most on the platform. In first place was Animal Crossing, which has been a popular subject across the world. Other topics included Fortnite, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, and the popular gatcha-mobile free-to-play game Fate/Grand Order.

Even though competitive players can’t compete in-person, they’re still holding digital events. The most discussed esports teams included FaZE Clan, MiRB, and G2 esports.

Additional Video Game Conferences that had to bring the news digital-only were The Future of Gaming on PS5 Event, Niconico Net Chokaigi 2020, and Xbox Games Showcase.

Although the PS5 Event wasn’t held until June, it still dominated the conversation compared other events in the other six months of the year. The most talked about game from the event was Spiderman: Miles Morales.

Twitter Gaming also highlighted some upcoming events for the last half of the year. Many events continue to stay online and livestream the presentations since the COVID-19 situation continues.

Gamescom 2020 takes place from August 27-30 and is hosted by Geoff Keighley. PAX Online will follow in September, with The Game Awards at the end of the year. Additional esports events include Blizzard’s Call of Duty League, Overwatch League, and Riot’s League of Legends eSports.

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