LCS – The Summer Split MVP Award Is Now Up For Voting For Fans Via Twitter

LCS – The Summer Split MVP Award Is Now Up For Voting For Fans Via Twitter
Credit: LCS

The League of Legends Championship Series Summer Split 2020 has been extremely competitive with Cloud9 post-Sneaky roster and the newcomers Golden Guardians making its shocking games. But the time has come to evaluate individual performances and crown this LCS’ Most Valuable Player. Opened to fans all over the world, the race for the prestigious award will surely be just as tight and fierce.

Presented by sponsor Honda, the best player of Summer Split 2020 will be voted through the social networking site Twitter. Once logged in, head to LCS official account for the tweet,  or click on the link below. From there, a system in place will prompt fans for a private message voting. Fans will then receive a message to choose their MVP for the season once the array of pro players has been shown.

The ten players to choose from for the award are Cloud9’s Blaber and Licorice, TSM’s Bjergsen, 100 Thieves’ Ssumday, FlyQuest’s PowerOfEvil and Santorin, Golden Guardian’s Closer, and, with the most players in the pool, Team Liquid’s Jensen, CoreJJ, and Impact.

This voting process is open from August 18 to the 25th on a once per day basis. Hence, fans can vote for their chosen player/s to a total of eight times. THe HondaMVP is expected to be revealed on September 4 close this season’s ending of the playoffs.

Besides players, LCS Summer Split also recognizes the hard work of those behind the curtain. On August 18, the event organizers announced that the staff MVP is given to Team Liquid’s staff. It can be remembered that the veteran team has picked up former LCS shout caster Jatt to become the squad’s head coach. With his experience of the tournament and analyzing opponents, he brought TL to the top for the regular season.

The staff MVP also includes Liquid’s Dodo, Cain, CroissantLoL, and the rest of the staff. Coming in at 2nd place is Cloud9’s staff, and Golden Guardians managed to get the third place.

The 1st LCS All-Pro Team awards Cloud9 Licorice as top lane, C9 Blaber for Jungle, Team SoloMid’s Bjergsen for mid lane, C9’s Zven for the bot, and Liquid’s CoreJJ as the support.

The voting process for all categories, besides the MVP, describes, “The awards are voted on by the LCS broadcast team, third-party media, and the pro teams themselves. The panel votes for each award will be released within 24 hours of the award being announced.”


The Rookie of the Year award is expected to be celebrated on August 28.