Ziggurat Interactive Launches “Retro First Friday” To Reintroduce Classing Games

Ziggurat Interactive Launches “Retro First Friday” To Reintroduce Classing Games
Credit: Ziggurat Interactive Website

Publisher Ziggurat Interactive has announced a new monthly online event to share classic games with the community. The publisher’s goal is to share as many of these older titles as possible with players today who may have forgotten some of the classic titles many gamers used to enjoy.

On the first Friday of every month, Ziggurat Interactive plans to release multiple titles. These titles have never been released digitally before, so now gamers who have played them will get to experience these titles once again. The titles will also be available at a discounted price for a limited time.

Ziggurat Interactive has plans to release over 40 classic titles throughout the remainder of the year. Players can either stay tuned to the weekly events or follow the publisher on social media.

The event kicked off in August. The titles included Return of the Phantom, Hunting Unlimited 1, The Train: Escape from Normandy, and Altered Destiny.

Return of the Phantom is a point and click detective game that initially launched in 1993. The player steps into the shoes of Detective Raoul Montand as he tries to solve a murder that occurred at the premiere of the opera Don Juan Triumphant. Everyone assumes it’s the Phantom. As more victims turn up, the detective has to work quickly to find the real killer.

Hunting Unlimited 1 is a hunting game featuring over 220 missions. Players navigate through the forest to find the perfect trophy.

The Train: Escape to Normandy takes place during World War 2. In the title, the player is a leader in the Frech Resistance who has to capture a heavily armed Third Reich train. The train is trying to smuggle stolen artifacts to Berlin. The player and their team have to fight on land, sea, and the air to bring victory to the allies.

Altered Destiny stars an average guy named P.J. Barret, who is suddenly transported into his tv into an alien world. The player has to help guide P.J. through this new world by solving puzzles and solving the mysteries within this alien realm.

Wade Rosen, CEO of Ziggurat Interactive stated:

Retro First Friday is our commitment to the retro community that we’ll be putting out meaningful content month-in and month-out. This was an initiative that’s been in the works for some time, however, we waited until we were sure we could deliver on our promise for years to come. We want to thank the community for the support over the last year and we hope we can make a meaningful contribution to the appreciation of retro gaming.

Return of the Phantom, Hunting Unlimited 1, The Train: Escape to Normandy, and Altered Destiny are available now on Steam.