GOG Adds Multiple Titles From Ziggurat Interactive Including Killing Time And Requiem: Avenging Angel

GOG Adds Multiple Titles From Ziggurat Interactive Including Killing Time And Requiem: Avenging Angel
Credit: Requiem Avenging Angel via GOG

Digital game retailer GOG has continued to add older titles to its library. In late March, they added five titles from Ziggurat Interactive. The classic titles included Nam, Elite Warriors Vietnam, Line of Sight Vietnam, Deadly Dozen, and Fields of Glory.

Recently, GOG has announced even more titles from Ziggurat Interactive are now available on the platform.

GOG’s expansive library of games have no DRM but do require the installation of a launcher to play games. The digital game platform is also a subsidiary of CD Projekt Red, which is known for titles such as The Witcher series and the upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077.

Many of Ziggurat Interactive’s titles were released on the 3DO console. The early 90s console was home to several FMV titles, and the games were high-quality, but also more expensive compared to its competitors.

Four more titles recently joined GOG at the end of April. They include Killing Time, Uprising: Join or Die and its sequel Uprising 2: Lead and Destroy, plus the classic FPS Requiem: Avenging Angel.

Killing Time is an FPS shooter with gallows-style humor. Besides the shooter elements, there are various puzzles to solve and other strategy mechanics. Players have a 360-view within a three-dimensional mansion. Those who played the game in 1996 will also be happy to learn that the original music was included.

The Uprising games are strategy military-style FPS games where players control a high-tech assault tank in a 3D world. Players have to fight against the oppressive Imperium power in this game originally released in 1997.

Requiem: Avenging Angel is a 3D FPS game with biblical themes that was initially released in 1999:

A holy war rages on Earth between Heaven’s Chosen Soldiers and Hell’s Fallen Angels. You are Malachi, a Chosen Angel, sent to Earth to save Creation from the wrath of the Fallen.

Blast your way through an immersive futuristic 3D world developing Angelic powers like possession, blood boil, locust swarms, and the ability to turn your enemies to pillars of salt. Without you, mankind doesn’t have a prayer.

Players use various angelic powers to take on the world under siege. The game combines a fast-paced FPS game with a deep storyline and realistic character interactions.

The re-releases from Ziggurat Interactive are now available on GOG.