HammerHelm Has Released A New Update Adding More Content To The Early Access Game, Enjoy A RPG That Brings A Dwarven Community To Life

HammerHelm Has Released A New Update Adding More Content To The Early Access Game, Enjoy A RPG That Brings A Dwarven Community To Life
Credit: SOEDESCO via Youtube

HammerHelm is a game from a devoted one-person development team SuperSixStudios. This game placed players in the role of their own dwarf as they build a thriving city that combines city building standards with a unique third-person adventure. The update has added new resources, home, and town decor, along with other brilliant additions to bring HammerHelm to life.

Enter a flourishing new world full of quests, enemies, and challenges. As you craft items and upgrade town structures, you will find that your city is a dream location for dwarves to enjoy. Lead your people towards prosperity and out of the mines deep underground.

Enjoy a unique blend of adventure and town management as you craft a city of your own design. Create your character, complete quests, build your town, and enjoy a thriving city. The bigger your town grows, the bigger your adventure gets.

Rather than building your life below the ground, players will instead create a thriving city under the sun and clouds. Build a town of over 45 structures where you can craft items, house citizens, and purchase goods.

Explore a full world of danger as you take on the many dungeons, caves, mines, and more within the land. Enjoy an adventure of danger mixed with the minute detail of managing a town.

Complete quests to ensure the safety and happiness of the town’s citizens. As you battle enemies in a unique 3D environment, you will find stronger weapons and armor to help arm yourself and your citizens.

Combat is experienced through a fast-paced action combat system as you dodge and weave past enemy attacks. This game carefully balances strategy against skill allowing players to craft their own method of survival in an exciting fantasy world.

This game is an Early Access release, but it has so far been enjoying a ‘very positive’ status on Steam. The game has over 100 different reviews of players giving feedback to this emerging title.

As said prior, SuperSixStudios is a one-person development team. This means that one person has crafted every detail, building, and piece of this project, showing a unique aptitude in both design and skill.

Interested fans can find HammerHelm available on Steam. SuperSixStudios is selling this game for $14.99 to any interested fans wanting a unique simulated experience to pass the time. As players enjoy the world, they will find that more updates are being added as time goes on. The developer is working tirelessly to improve the game and make it ready for a full release.