Minecraft Bedrock Edition Update Beta Focuses on Bugs Introduced By The Nether Update

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Update Beta Focuses on Bugs Introduced By The Nether Update
Credit: Minecraft Official Website

Minecraft, like most games, after going through a massive update ( like the Nether Update), requires various bug patches and fix issues that may arise. Minecraft’s Bedrock edition has gone through a variety of updates, including 1.6.20,, and updates. All three of these updates have focused on fixing bugs that were introduced from the Nether Update.

Changes to Minecraft

The Beta update might not add any new mobs or blocks into the game but does offer a significant amount of changes to the game. These changes focus on performance, parity, blocks, mobs, and various other items.


Minecraft mobs pathfinding have changed dramatically in this update, Mobs that were in lava weren’t able to find an appropriate path out. Mojang Studios has added this fix so that mobs can enter a lava block if they are already in lava. Minecraft mob pathfinding will now account for the “Minecraft: Scale” component.


This update fixed a crash that could occur when players tried to enter the game when using specific texture packs and also fixed a crash that would occur when the player added tags to the Ender Dragon, before reloading the world. These fixes are essential to a server who might have added tags to the Ender Dragon or happen to use that specific texture pack.

Other Changes and Fixes

There had been a bug, where Experience orbs had been following world lighting, which meant if the player was in a dark area, they wouldn’t see the Experience Orbs. Now, these orbs will completely ignore the world lighting and always bee at maximum brightness.

One critical fix is the fact that the Dragon Egg will now always drop when it’s destroyed by an explosion, meaning that players would be able to respawn the Ender Dragon or display the Dragon Egg.

In addition to those updates listed above, this update includes various other changes that range to focus on a variety of different bugs that were introduced by the Nether Update. This update also offers several technical updates that range from changing a variety of different properties for items like boats or exposing new data parameters to control the behavior of Harvest Farm Block goal.

The new exposed data parameters are explained in the new Actor component documentation that is included with the update in the game files.