Minecraft’s New Realms Plus, Three New Texture Packs Added!

Minecraft’s New Realms Plus, Three New Texture Packs Added!
Credit: Mojang

There are two types of servers for Minecraft, either a third-party Minecraft server or users can rent a server from Mojang themselves, called Minecraft Realms. Each month, Mojang adds more features and user-created items into Realms Plus, to make the monthly purchase more valuable.

In May, Minecraft has added three texture packs, five different ‘game modes’ or maps, and this month 40 new skins were added.

The three texture packs are ClearCraft, Lithos HD, and Medival Texture Pack. The ClearCraft texture pack is very similar to Minecraft’s original texture pack but features 64x textures while adding a fair amount of detail to every block, item, and mob of the game.

This pack comes with improved skins for Mobs, including Zombies, Dragons, Creepers, and more! This pack also allows you to revamp your character with 12 free HD skins!

ClearCraft was created by Goe-craft and seemingly offers a much more detailed experience to the pixelated game of Minecraft.

The second texture pack is called the Lithos HD textures and was created by Eleazzaar for Syclone Studios. This texture pack gives the right amount of clarity and detail while still maintaining the pixelated nature of the game itself.

These textures are slightly less detailed being 32x rather than 64x, but the lower textures, allow the included textures to mesh more evenly with the game itself. This texture pack doesn’t change the aesthetic of the game so much as it enhances it while staying true to the overall aesthetic of the game itself.

The Third and final Texture pack that Mojang added this month is the Medieval Textures by Gamemode One. This texture pack gives a more fantasy feel to the game, allowing the player to equip one of twenty skins, that features everything from royalty to knights to heroes!

Unlike the first two texture packs, the Medival Texture pack does drastically change the aesthetic of the game by changing mobs to fit more evenly in a medical fantasy world, rather than the typical aesthetic of Minecraft.

All of these texture packs come with some number of character skins to allow your player character to mesh with the new aesthetic of the environment easier. Out of these three, which texture pack would you choose, ClearCraft, Lithos HD, or Medival Textures? Let me know in the comments below!