SnowRunner Celebrates Modders And Announces Future Mod Expansion Plans

SnowRunner Celebrates Modders And Announces Future Mod Expansion Plans
Credit: SnowRunner Official Website

Publisher Focus Home Interactive and developer Saber Interactive recently launched SnowRunner, their off-road trucking simulation game. So far, the game has been well-received, especially since mod support was included at launch.

Currently, mod support is only available on PC. SnowRunner has officially collaborated with, where modders have already been hard at work creating custom content for the new title.

Mods on the website include new vehicles, more realistic driving to make off-roading tougher, system changes, and even some entertaining mods related to a reskin based on “Grandma’s Visit.”

The developer is celebrating modders with a brand-new video. The video showcases some highlights from the modding community so far. There is also a short tutorial on how to load mods into an installed game. If players want to add their creations onto the website, there is also a short tutorial on how to upload a mod onto The video focuses more on showcasing mods, so players who want to know more about creating mods can research on’s website.

SnowRunner is currently the seventh most popular game on, with over 484,000 downloads so far.

The developer has announced that modding support will continue to expand in the future. In the first phase of content updates, there will be new, free updates to all of the tools currently available. Players will be able to mod maps, missions, and vehicle interiors.

Mod support is planned for consoles in the future so that everyone on every platform can enjoy community-created content. The exact release date is unknown.

For players who prefer content created by the developer, or worry about the safety of community-created content, SnowRunner will roll out more content soon. The game has a Season Pass to access more content as its released. At least one full year of new content has been promised.

In the future, the developer has plans to release new vehicles, maps, missions, and more.

SnowRunner puts players in the driver’s seat of over 40 vehicles from brands such as Ford, Chevrolet, and Freightliner. The game doesn’t have a story mode, but various missions for players to complete. Players have to drive through difficult terrain, including mud, torrential waters, snow, and frozen lakes, to complete their missions. Players can either enjoy the interconnected world of SnowRunner alone or in 4-player co-op with friends.

SnowRunner is available now on PC as an Epic Games Store exclusive, plus PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.