Animal Crossing: New Horizons- Museum Day Event Update And Stamp Rally Guide For May 18th

Animal Crossing: New Horizons- Museum Day Event Update And Stamp Rally Guide For May 18th
Credit: Nintendo via Youtube

The last couple of months have been jam-packed with events and updates for the ever-popular Animal Crossing: New Horizons title for the Nintendo Switch. Another update is scheduled to hit on May 18th, bringing with it the Museum Day event and accompanying Stamp Rally.

Once your switch is updated, the first thing to do is head over to the museum and speak to Blathers. He lets the player know that in honor of Museum Day, the town is hosting a stamp rally.

Keep in mind the event runs from May 18th through the 31st. This means your internal clock will need to be set to one of those days.

Blathers will also give you some more instructions on how the event will work. Each of the different galleries (bug, fish, and fossil) will have three stamp stations located within. The event works a bit like a scavenger hunt, when each station is located and the stamps are acquired, the player is entitled to a prize.

The best part about this event is that Blathers actually offers three separate prizes, which is much better than Tom Nook’s May Day reward. Completing each separate gallery will net the unique prize.

It seems that the stamp locations are individualized for each player, and that they will update every day to a new location. The following guide is an example of how the event will flow, rather than exact instructions to complete the Rally and claim your prize. Luckily, the stamp locations aren’t too difficult to find, so players shouldn’t have any problem locating them.

Now, for an example walkthrough of each individual stamp location starting with the fish exhibit. Immediately upon entering the gallery, you can find two stamp locations easily visible, one in front of the Pond exhibit and one in front of the Headwaters. The final location is in the Coast, which can be found in the North most room.

Returning to Blathers with these stamps will reel in the Fish Plaque wall hanging furniture item along with a completion stamp. The next set of rooms to visit is over in the fossil exhibit. Upon entering, there is a stamp station located immediately to the left of the entrance. This is the Mollusk/Arthropod station.

Towards the middle of the next room hosting the largest fossils is the Extinction Spot stamp, and is easily visible as the rest. The final station can be located in the furthest room to the right and is labeled the Cenozoic stamp.

Collecting this set of stamps will reward the Fossil Plaque. The final hunt begins now, over at the Bug Exhibit. The first Sun-Peak Path stamp is located handily in the first room. The next Coconut Corner station is found in the same room but to the north surrounded by flowing water.

The final location to visit is in the room to the Northeast and is labeled the Bug Farm. It is the most difficult to find, but by now spotting these stations should come as second nature. Return to Blathers the final time to net the Bug Plaque and complete your educational adventure.

The next wedding-themed event in Animal Crossing doesn’t begin until June, so make sure to keep yourself busy with all this current event has to offer in the meantime. Until then, you can check out other guides or Animal Crossing content while you wait.