A Counter-Strike Player Has Successfully Launched The Game’s Global Offensive On A Smartwatch

A Counter-Strike Player Has Successfully Launched The Game’s Global Offensive On A Smartwatch
Credit: ign

We’ve all witnessed the ridiculous platforms that users have been able to get Doom to run on, but it seems that pirates and modders have officially moved on to other titles now that we’ve run out of bizarre places to play Doom.

As an illustration, let us consider the following scenario: a fan of the video game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is playing the game on a smartwatch. Given that it is playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, we may conclude that it has some networking capabilities because it is branded with the Timon name and logo somewhere under the watch. It also has the capability to display custom images on a square screen that is very small, and it can process the input from a Logitech keyboard and mouse combo that is almost as small.

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On the other hand, the steps necessary to transform a smartwatch into a portable, miniature CS:GO platform still need to be understood. Bennet Bytes got the original Counter-Strike game operating on his Android-branded smartwatch five years ago, so this will likely be a process comparable to what he did. This hack had very poor performance and did not have any internet connectivity.

However, technology has advanced so significantly over the course of the past five years that wrist-mounted Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is now playable.

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Even though it’s been around for over a decade, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) still has a massive following worldwide. This was demonstrated one month ago, on the game’s tenth birthday occasion, when 1,039,889 people were playing CS: GO. And for the month of September, CS: GO reached an even greater peak player count of 1,100,366 players, even though the average number of players appears to have decreased somewhat in comparison to August’s numbers.