The Onrush Servers Will Be Deactivated In The Near Future

The Onrush Servers Will Be Deactivated In The Near Future
Credit: ign

Soon, Onrush will no longer have access to its server infrastructure. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever in the video game industry of today. Increasing numbers of games are either built primarily for or exclusively available on the internet. As a result, video games that fail to gain widespread attention tend to fade into obscurity rather quickly. In contrast, blockbuster hits like Grand Theft Auto Online continue to thrive years after their initial release.

When the number of players online drops too low, developers are left with the unpleasant choice of disabling online play and, often, removing a plethora of features, gameplay components, and the opportunity to earn certain trophies/achievements. It’s a bummer when games like this, a nice racing game, get canceled.

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Sadly, on November 30, Codemasters will turn off the Onrush servers. Although 2018’s racing game didn’t make waves upon its release, it was a good time thanks to its intense and often hilarious gameplay. In this game, buggies and motorcycles slammed into each other as they raced around off-road areas and tracks, reminiscent of a much more intense version of Motorstorm.

The good times for online players are coming to an end, but the game itself was a lot of fun. Players can still have fun with the game in offline modes, but those who want to complete the game’s accomplishments and trophies should do so before the end of the online component on November 30.

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As EA put it, “It’s been a RUSH thanks to everyone who has supported our game.” Due to the dwindling popularity of our online modes, we have decided to permanently disable access to them as of November 30, 2022. However, if you’re an ONRUSH fan and want to keep playing, you can! Offline modes will be available for the game for the foreseeable future.