Hogwarts Legacy Is A Recently Issued Unofficial Guide For Incoming Students, And It Reveals The Castle’s Full Of Secrets

Hogwarts Legacy Is A Recently Issued Unofficial Guide For Incoming Students, And It Reveals The Castle’s Full Of Secrets

Hogwarts Legacy has published an official, unofficial handbook that gives away some of the numerous surprises Hogwarts castle has. While the release of Hogwarts Legacy has been delayed, a steady stream of details about the game’s prominent location has been made available to fans. Since the Avalanche Software‘s Harry Potter RPG leak in 2018, fans have been counting down the months until they may explore Hogwarts.

The player in Hogwarts Legacy is a fifth-year student at a Hogwarts that was rebuilt in the 1800s and had access to potent ancient magic. The game’s open world takes place in this rebuilt school. The player’s student character, as well as the path they pursue through Hogwarts, will be highly adaptable.

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Players can join Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin and hang out in their respective common areas and classrooms while studying potions and spells. From what we’ve seen so far, Hogwarts Legacy’s open environment seems promising, and there are enough darker themes, like a goblin insurrection, to keep players on their toes.

A guide outlining how to explore the many mysteries within Hogwarts has been posted, and it appears that Hogwarts Legacy genuinely encourages future students to transgress the rules. Hogwarts Legacy: The Unofficial Guide was just published, and it shows how much fun it is to cause mischief by sneaking around the castle grounds.

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The movie guides players through exposing secrets in their House Common Rooms, gaining access to the library’s restricted area, wreaking havoc in the Dark Arts Classroom, and shopping at Zonko’s Joke Shop for prank supplies. Many fans have expressed relief at the trailer’s apparent shift away from the gloomier themes featured in teasers.

Some unofficial goings-on detailed in the Illegal Guide to Hogwarts sound somewhat foreboding. For example, the guide recommends that players stay away from Peeves the Poltergeist, who caused disturbance and chaos in the Harry Potter world, and that they slip into the Forbidden Forest, an experience they may or may not survive.