The December Free Games List Was Just Released For Xbox Live Gold Members; Includes Toy Story 3 And Jurassic World Evolution

The December Free Games List Was Just Released For Xbox Live Gold Members; Includes Toy Story 3 And Jurassic World Evolution
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

Xbox Live Gold members are privy to some incredible games every month. As long as you pay the monthly rate, you don’t have to shell out anything for these offerings. The list for December was just shared for Xbox One users and it’s quite an offering. The free titles include Toy Story 3, Jurassic World Evolution, Insane Robots, and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of  Fate HD. All of these games are quite different and cover the vast genre of gaming.

Let’s start of with Toy Story 3 by Avalanche Software. It’s a game based off the popular Pixar movies, which have garnered a cult-like following amongst the younger audience. Despite its more childish nature, it does have a lot of fun platforming elements that you can have fun with for hours. There are two distinct modes: Story and Toy Box mode. The latter is particularly unique because you get to roam around a Western environment that you can customize to your liking. If you’ve been a fan of these movies over the years, then this game is a must-own for the collection.

Next up is Jurassic World Evolution, which is based off the movie from 2015. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like constructing and managing your own dinosaur theme park, then this is an incredible free offering from Frontier Developments. You’ll get to make calculated business decisions as far as how to generate revenue. You even have the ability to work with dinosaur genes and create unique variations that have never been seen in this franchise. There’s even an unlockable sandbox mode, which gives you access to unlimited funds for limitless possibilities.

The last two offers Insane Robots and the Castlevania title are great as well. Insane Robots is a roguelike, turn-based strategy game that’s great if you enjoy card battlers. Meanwhile, the Castlevania title is a sequel to the rebooted version of Lords of Shadow. It received rave reviews when it first launched back in 2018. The side-scrolling action is just as good as it has ever been. The story also has a lot of plot twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

These free offerings are some of the best Microsoft has ever provided to Xbox Live Gold members. Whether you like action-adventure or strategy, you can find something worth value in this varied list. They are excellent games to ring in the new year.