Overwatch 2’s More Story-Driven Design Can Be Attributed To Community Requests

Overwatch 2’s More Story-Driven Design Can Be Attributed To Community Requests
Credit: PlayOverwatch via YouTube

The gaming community has been ecstatic about the announcement of Overwatch 2. It has been nearly three years since the first game released, so naturally, people began wondering when the next chapter in this storied franchise would be introduced. There hasn’t been an official release date given, but it’s nice to know Blizzard is hard at work on a sequel.

We’ve been treated to a couple of updates thus far detailing the new characters and story. The latter talking point has garnered a lot of attention in particular. The developers have previously stated it will have a standard format, with a beginning, middle, and end. That has been one element that the community has received well.

So many people care about the Overwatch lore, but there haven’t been great examples of world-building and character development. That’s all going to change in Overwatch 2, much to the delight of the community. Speaking of the Overwatch community, they have voiced their opinions about gameplay driving the story.

Ask and you shall receive. Blizzard has listened to these community requests and is obliging its loyal fans with a story-driven design. What this means is the action of players will ultimately affect how the story plays out. This should open up the plot possibilities moving forward. Everything you do in this sequel will matter, from the NPCs you interact with to how you approach the missions.

That’s been one major element lacking in the first Overwatch, which kind of makes sense given its primarily focused on online multiplayer. Adding to this unique story-driven design is its co-op nature. Players will get to experience the story and missions with three others users. These shared experiences should make the story mode more interactive.

Based on these early updates, the developers at Blizzard are keen on doing everything they can to take this series in a bold direction. Many in the industry have been skeptical on what the game will actually look like and how much different it will be from the original, but there are a lot of positive signs early on in this game’s development.

For now, we’ll just have to wait for more updates and trailers from Blizzard to really determine how much success Overwatch 2 will have out of the gate. It’s always a great sign when a developer puts a lot of emphasis on story and plot elements, though. Let’s see if Blizzard can come through with something big.