Many Twitch Streamers Are In An Uproar About Unfair Business Practices From Advertising Agencies

Many Twitch Streamers Are In An Uproar About Unfair Business Practices From Advertising Agencies
Credit: HOUSE OF FORTNITE via YouTube

Some days are better than others. Other days are worse than you ever imagined. And it seems like there is a whole lot of trouble going on down in the ditches of the internet streamer civil war. There is a whole lot of hullabaloo about some difficulties going on in what we all thought was one of the most beautiful systems we’ve seen in social media in a long time. Well, as it turns out, we were all wrong.

There are some powerful things going on down there, and we just have to get in to take a look. There are some streamers that are getting hurt real bad when it comes to the deals they are having to make with agencies and advertisers. It turns out a lot of these agencies do not have their best interests at heart. Wanna see how deep the rabbit hole goes? Well, keep on reading then.

So one Twitch streamer signed a deal with a big-time agency that offered them $10,000 dollars for an advertising gig on their stream. No problem right? That is some easy money. But it turned out that it was a problem actually.

Because the streamer didn’t know that the agency was actually taking all the money. These agencies are designed to scout out new talent in the industry and link-up the big time corporations with people who can represent their project. So they are expected to take a cut of the cash, but how much is enough for them to take?

In the above example, it turns out that they were straight up extorting these guys. When they offered this anonymous streamer $10,000, they were doing so over a $100,000 deal. that means they were giving this streamer a measly 10% of the total contract. They were pocketing $90,000 just for doing the small-time job of finding the streamer who was doing all the work.

But it gets even worse, mega fans, because they also put in a clause in the contract that said they get to take 10% of the money paid to the streamer as a contracting fee. So they ended up taking $1000 off the $10,000. The streamer got $9,000 and the agency took $91,000. This is a little bit absurd, no?

So now gamers are ready to rise up and end the madness. Streamers are taking to their stream and demanding things change. So it will be up to everyone else to decide whether or not this kind of practice will continue or if it will end and we can all finally move on.