Crazy New Funky Tetris Game Goes 4 x 4: Expect To Get Hit On Four Different Fields Of Play At Once

Crazy New Funky Tetris Game Goes 4 x 4: Expect To Get Hit On Four Different Fields Of Play At Once
Credit: Epic Games Promo

Woah, the big news here for those fans who love to Tetris it up wherever they are and all day. There is a new German Tetris game that is out there breaking records and changing the world one big old block at a time, so get ready to find out a little bit about the world and everything else through a nice cup of Tetris fun. This powerful game will boost the difficult way more than 4x by boosting it just 4x (if you know what I mean).

This thing is pure synergy, and man is it really powerful. The game is called Schwerkraftprojektionsgerät. I cannot pronounce that word but it just sounds fun, does it not? There is a secret here that might not be apparent to everyone who has heard of it. To figure out how it will end up working, keep on reading, and we will reveal the secret to everyone who cares to know.

Essentially, what this special version of Tetris ends up doing is making it a 4 x 4 grid where the blocks can come falling out of anywhere without even a single bit of irony. You have to really prepare your mind to handle this sort of cross-over event, so get it ready and prep it well. Here we go.

Basically, you, the powerful player who is ready to do some super incredible things if they want to play their cards right, are given four different fields off of which to play your game. You will fight through these fields, which face the four major cardinal directions: North, South, East, and West. Talk about incredible.

But you have to be careful because this thing will gun a block down in every direction at the same exact time. So you will need to be prepared for it. If you shoot it down into one direction, then you will shoot it into a corresponding spot on the opposite side.

So you have to think about it like it’s plot graph if you want to succeed here. This is the big energy stuff that we are talking about every time we want to get it done.

Watch out for enemies and prepare for all the stuff that you need to figure out how to win. I do not expect anyone to be streaming this one any time soon because it is just way to advance to understand with one mind, but I do think true puzzle kings will be able to play it if they want to see what happens when they get out there and get it done. Be careful either way and I promise you that you will be able to make it far.