The Public Test Server For Elder Scrolls Online Has Expanded Custom Animations

The Public Test Server For Elder Scrolls Online Has Expanded Custom Animations
Credit: IGN

The Elder Scrolls Online’s Firesong Public Test Server has included a new feature known as customizable actions, which can be equipped just like any other cosmetic. They are similar to Personalities in that they change animations, but rather than making you grumpy, sassy, or a court jester, they give you the ability to call upon Druid power to warp and summon birds to harvest nodes.

There are currently a few Druid-themed ones that may be tried out in the Public Test Server (PTS), as pointed out by ESO Hub. In this category are the Gyrfalcon Gathering, the Druidstone Mine, the Stonelore Split, and the Recall of the Galen Winds. The regular harvesting motion is replaced with a Gyrfalcon bird that harvests the resource for you. In addition, the woodcutting animation adds a green trail, and warping to wayshrines will change it into a green aura.

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At this time, you can only get them on the public test server (PTS), and it is unknown when they will be added to the live build. However, Zenimax has stated that they’ll be available at some point after the release of Update 36, which means that we can look forward to further customizing our toons in the not-too-distant future. Personalities will normally adjust animations for running, walking, and standing still, in addition to a small number of facial expressions, but this would make it possible for us to take things one step further and modify more general animations.

Customized Actions now has its own tab in the Collections menu. However, the feature is still in its infancy, and the individual actions do not yet have their own icons. They instead have a question mark in red to serve as a placeholder.

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Even though Zenimax hasn’t revealed exactly how we’ll receive these new personalized actions, we can make an educated estimate based on the other cosmetics already available in-game.