Makers Of Stalker 2 Refute Ridiculous Claims Of Delay

Makers Of Stalker 2 Refute Ridiculous Claims Of Delay
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GSC Game World, the studio responsible for developing Stalker 2, has promised that the sequel, Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl, will be released before 2024. Yesterday there were rumors that the development of Stalker 2 might be pushed to 2024 or perhaps 2025. However, the developer has now denied that this is the truth.

In a statement to Insider Gaming, GSC Game World said, “Normally we don’t comment on speculations like these, but given the ludicrous nature of the information, we will make an exception.” The game wasn’t postponed yet more, as has been rumored. As we stated this summer during Microsoft’s Extended E3, our release date is set for 2023. The official GSC sources are your best bet for accurate information about Stalker 2.

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As a result of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, GSC Game World was compelled to move. The game’s release date has been pushed back from later this year to sometime in 2023. Early this month, Microsoft began issuing refunds, leading some to believe Stalker 2 had been delayed again. However, GSC Game World has clarified that this is Microsoft’s policy, as they do not accept pre-orders for games without a confirmed release date.

Then, just yesterday, a fresh rumor from Russian game size iXBT Games suggested that Stalker 2 had been postponed once again, this time until 2024. According to the rumor, GSC Game World’s core development team was disbanded when the company relocated outside Ukraine. The new employees were reimagining certain aspects of Stalker 2 in their image. As a result, the game is far from playability, with only one chapter supposedly completed.

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It’s good to hear that things aren’t nearly as bad as a Russian gaming site would have us believe, though we can hardly blame GSC for any further delays.