WoWhead Presents A Preview Of The Datamined World Of Warcraft: Shadowland Dungeon, De Other Side

WoWhead Presents A Preview Of The Datamined World Of Warcraft: Shadowland Dungeon, De Other Side
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is fast approaching, and every day seems to give us something new to talk about. With so much content to be added soon, dataminers have been having a field day with discovering as much as possible.

Of course, since the alpha servers are live, datamining isn’t even always required! One of the current bits of upcoming content currently in place on the alpha is the dungeon De Other Side, an afterlife-themed dungeon located in the Fae-focused Ardenweald.

De Other Side has been mentioned several times – though, admittedly, it’s strange that Blizzard chose to keep the name in the written Troll dialect when other characters have used “the” several times. Naming aside, De Other Side is one of the many realms of the Shadowlands that players will be adventuring through.

Because the Shadowlands are effectively Azeroth’s version of an afterlife, many of the characters that players see will be familiar ones from times long past – even ones that we’ve killed. Because of this, some of the new bosses are actually old figures.

For the aesthetic being presenting, Wowhead has provided multiple screenshots, which we’ve linked through the tweet embedded just below. However, much more interesting are the four boss encounters seen so far.

De Other Side hasn’t been given an official description in the Dungeon Journal yet, but there’s still quite a bit of information available. The dungeon takes the form of three different wings, each of which seems to be a different plane of existence.

Within these wings, you’ll encounter Hakkar the Soulflayer, a long-standing figure and one of the most prominent names in the game. As one would expect, Hakkar will wield his blood-based attacks and prove a formidable opponent to put down.

Next are the well-known figures the Manastorms, of whom have mostly served as long-standing comedic relief. Seen multiple times through the last few expansions, Millhouse and Millifcent Manastorm bring their terrifying gnomish magic to bear against us once again.

Third is a new figure, a cunning acquisitionist by the name of Dealer Xy’exa. Mostly utilizing explosive AoE abilities that can cause huge issues for groups, Xy’exa’s magic-heavy loadout will make her difficult to surpass.

Finally, another new figure by the name of Mueh’zala, a Troll god that seems to be familiar with our friend Bwonsamdi. Mueh’zala is a god of death and wields blood, shadow, and necromantic magic against opponents in several stages.

While there aren’t any official descriptions provided for any of the four bosses or three wings, more and more information is constantly being added. It likely won’t be too long until we have a full description of De Other Side.