Dirt 5 Is Getting A Five-Chapter Career Mode Featuring Iconic Voice Actors

Dirt 5 Is Getting A Five-Chapter Career Mode Featuring Iconic Voice Actors
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

One of the best off-road racing series is without a doubt Dirt. It’s a series that prides itself on realistic controls, non-stop action, and amazing off-road terrains.

It’s incredible to see it continue to thrive and get installment after installment. Dirt 5 is shaping up to be one of the biggest yet.

A new trailer for it was just released, which shows its career mode off in greater detail. According to the trailer’s description, it’s the most ambitious career mode ever in the long-running series.

Codemasters isn’t looking to spare any expense and has gone as far as securing legendary voice actors Troy Baker and Nolan North. You might remember their work from the hit series Uncharted. They’ll also be appearing in the highly anticipated The Last of Us Part 2.

Having them shape the story in Dirt 5 really is unprecedented for the series and should make it all the more compelling. Baker’s role will be a mentor named Alex Janicek. He’ll guide you along your career as you start out at the bottom rung and quickly work your way up to elite status.

You’ll be at odds against Bruno Durand, who will be voice acted by Nolan North. His excellent voice acting capabilities should make him an easy antagonist to root against as you battle it out in some pretty epic dirty ralley sequences.

The career mode will be comprised of five parts featuring a series of championships that have a lot of stakes. You can bet Codemasters spent a lot of time working on the story and creating compelling arks for both North and Baker.

They’re great additions to an already great series. It will be interesting to see what direction the story goes in. Either way, you can bet it will further the series along in the right direction.

Then at the end of this career trailer, an October release date is given. That’s a couple of months off, but at least eager racing gamers have light at the end of the tunnel to look forward to.

Don’t be surprised to see a couple of more trailers before Dirt 5’s official release. In a crowded space, it’s nice to see Codemasters doing everything possible to set this franchise up for even more success.

It has attracted a loyal following over the years, and if this trailer is any indication, the series is about to get even bigger from a budget and cinematic perspective.