DIRT 5 Has Its 2.0 Update Out Now, Which Adds A Lot Of Winter-Themed Content

DIRT 5 Has Its 2.0 Update Out Now, Which Adds A Lot Of Winter-Themed Content
Credit: Dirt via YouTube

Dirt 5 is Codemaster’s latest off-road racer in a series that has gotten more realistic with time. The developer always prides itself on giving gamers authentic controls and challenging terrains, ranging from ice to mud. Every track requires a particular set of skills that can be challenging to master even for the more advanced racers.

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The game is getting even better with its 2.0 Update, which is actually out right now. There are a lot of performance improvements that make the racing action better, but without delay, let’s talk about the winter-themed content that is currently available.

We’re in the middle of December and it’s fitting that Codemasters is giving out winter freebies to celebrate the season of giving. A huge highlight is Snow Limits, which adds a bunch of winter stuff to the course designer. This feature has been one of the better aspects of Dirt 5.

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Players can customize tracks how they see fit and then share them with the community. Now players will have appropriate decor to make their tracks a winter wonderland if they so choose. You can add large Christmas trees and presents to get ready for this special holiday or put graphics off in the background. These items truly are magical.

Some of the cars also have special Christmas-themed graphics, including the Ford Mustang GT4. In the trailer up above, you can see its red and green color scheme along with white snowflakes to round off the design. It’s the perfect aesthetic for this time of year and should help bring cheer throughout the Dirt 5 community.

This off-road racer has unfortunately received mixed reviews since launching back in November, but Codemasters is doing everything they can to iron out lingering bugs and give players worthwhile content. This second update is just the tip of the iceberg it seems.

There is still a lot left they can improve upon and if they continue to deal out free content, that wouldn’t hurt win over fans that have had their concerns with this racer since launch.

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The Snow Limits is a completely free content update as well so if you have the base game, you don’t have to pay a dime to take part in these winter-themed festivities. Let’s see what else Codemasters has up their sleeves as they look to keep Dirt 5’s momentum going strong heading into the new year. Free content like this is always welcomed by new and returning players.