There Are Already Pirated Copies Of Sonic Frontiers Floating Across The Globe

There Are Already Pirated Copies Of Sonic Frontiers Floating Across The Globe
Credit: gamer

It appears that copies of Sonic Frontiers have already been released into the wild, less than two weeks before the game’s official premiere on November 8. However, sonic aficionados should exercise caution in this matter.

Following a five-year wait, Sonic the Hedgehog’s subsequent epic journey, Sonic Frontiers, is almost ready to be released to the public. Even though Frontiers has already shown to be something of a sinking ship due to the speed runs that were performed on the demo presented at Gamescom, it appears that things are going to get a lot worse since copies of the game are already being sold.

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According to a post by Cahloosh on Twitter, an unnamed retailer in Canada has already begun selling copies of Sonic Frontiers on the PlayStation 5. It is only partially apparent whether Cahloosh is the one in possession of the copy; yet, it appears to be an authentic document and even has the time and date that it was purchased printed on it for some reason. In any case, given that a copy has already been released into the world, spoilers will likely start appearing any day soon.

This is the sole copy of Frontiers that has been found in the wild so far, suggesting that this is a unique incidence rather than a pattern of copies being made broadly available. Furthermore, if it is Cahloosh who has the document, they have assured us that they would not be posting any spoilers on their own, so thankfully, we do not appear to have an excessive amount of reason to be concerned about spoilers in this instance.

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However, be wary as you navigate social media platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and YouTube if at least one copy of the book has already been leaked into the wild; if that’s the case, it’s entirely possible that further copies have also been revealed, and that spoilers will emerge online in the days to come.