There Will Be No Alterations To The Controversial Character In Overwatch 2 At This Time

There Will Be No Alterations To The Controversial Character In Overwatch 2 At This Time
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Blizzard is aware that some of the Overwatch 2 have received negative feedback from players, but at least one of these heroes will not be changed shortly. After experiencing tremendous server congestion at launch, players on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X can now play as much Overwatch as their hearts desire. Unless, of course, their squad includes a Moira player; in that case, there’s a reasonable probability they’re not having fun.

Moira is technically a supporting character in Overwatch 2, but many players choose to play her in a style that makes her seem more like a damage-dealing character. If you’ve played Overwatch 2, you’ll know that even though she is a supporting character, many people choose to play her as if she were a DPS character.

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And to be honest, she is enjoyable to play in this manner; however, if your team needs heals and you have a Moira on it, you could be in for a very long match. Blizzard has made statements in the past indicating that the character may undergo upcoming alterations. Yesterday, a follow-up to this was provided, followed by an update that gave the impression that these modifications would only take place for a while.

On Twitter, Overwatch 2’s Lead Hero Designer Alec Dawson said that Blizzard has some ideas for rebuilding the character but that these modifications will only be implemented for a while. In addition, when these adjustments are implemented, they will try to maintain the character flow and approachability.

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Dawson added that he wanted to ensure they got it right for Moira. There are a lot of individuals who enjoy her playstyle. Therefore we want any additional utility not to disrupt her flow and make her less approachable. So have thoughts, but they are more in the far future.