Discord Pulls Plug On Nitro Experiment; Subscribers Only Has Until Oct. 15 To Download Titles From Catalogue

Discord Pulls Plug On Nitro Experiment; Subscribers Only Has Until Oct. 15 To Download Titles From Catalogue
Credit: DiscordApp via YouTube

Discord has announced that it’s pulling the plug on the Nitro Games subscription service. The company announced that the service will end on Oct. 15.

In a blog post, Discord said that the past year gave them plenty of lessons. Gathering all the feedback from the customers, they were optimistic that their games are well-loved. However, it’s clear that nobody is using the Nitro subscription to play Discord games.

So after revisiting the contract, Discord decided that it’s no longer continuing the experiment.
Among the titles that are included in the Nitro Games catalog are: 

  • Shadow Tactics
  • Inside
  • Soma
  • Torchlight 2

However, PCGamesN noted that most of those games can be played on other websites and platforms. Players can even acquire the different titles at a cheaper price compared to the Nitro Games subscription.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Discord said that by discontinuing the service, they now have more resources to focus on other things.

Nitro was launched in 2016 and was meant to be a premium subscription for Discord app users. Discord said that they aim to make sure that Nitro goes back to its mission, which is more fun and features.


Also, the $9.99 plan for the Nitro is in the pipeline, which will add more features. It also said that subscribers can expect more surprises in the near future. Among the recent additions include the Server Boost, the Go Live, and enhanced frame rate and resolution for Nitro Classic.

Meanwhile, Discord promised that the Nitro boost will become even more powerful. As the blog post revealed, you can now reach Level 3 faster from 50 boosts to 20 boosts.

The company is also offering to refund subscribers who are not happy with the move. Indeed, some people might just have been subscribing to the service to play Discord games.

Boosts are a feature unique to Nitro subscribers, which allow them to support the community. The users can collaborate to unlock perks and upgrades.

However, those who already paid for their Discord games will still be able to play those games. Also, the company vowed that nothing will change with the Discord app as it remains free. In doing so, it would enhance the Nitro experience for paying subscribers, such as more customizations and upgrades.

The company is also soliciting feedback and comments on how to further improve the Nitro subscription service.